Helpful Tips

Helpful tips for fitting frames


Worried about if the frame you’re choosing online is going to be too wide or too small or…just won’t fit you? Here are some helpful tips you might find useful when selecting eyewear:

Every frame has the following marks on the inside temple or on our website it’s shown either below or beside the frame. For example the frame may have these marks:  58 -17.  

 A simple calculation of the A measurement multiplied by 2, and the addition on the B measurement will give you a good idea of size of the frame (From the above example 58 x 2 + 17). Be sure to add an additional 2 millimeters to each side to account for the width of the frame. These are approximate calculations, but they can help give you a good idea of how wide the frame is, a using a ruler with millimeters you can measure your face for a better idea of how the frame you are interested in will fit you.